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Our personalised approach with every buyer on our extensive database ensures that we have first-hand knowledge of their needs.

Our Specialist Marketing Team have many years of experience and know the most effective ways to target the best buyers for your property.

We are a proven, award winning team who have the skills and the technology to develop a marketing strategy that will create a very cost effective professional showcase of your apartment.

Amazing Apartments are experts in Apartment Sales — partner with us and let us take care of the rest.

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With over 35 years’ experience in property sales, we know how to get the toughest sales across the line, even in a challenging market.

Our ability to match a buyer with their dream property is strong, and our understanding of apartment living and the workings of Body Corporates and by-laws is second to none.

Our team has collected many National and International Awards over the years and we pride ourselves on sitting above the crowd and providing a seamless, stress-free transaction for our buyers and sellers.

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The first step is a simple one. Contact us and let us know you are interested. We’ll want to talk to you and find out all about your apartment. We will let you know all the details and the costs. If you then choose to proceed, we’ll get started working hard to sell your apartment.

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